CCTV Systems

Ensuring the security of the protected object.
The installation of video surveillance is primarily carried out to ensure the security of the protected object – a bank, a business center, manufacturing enterprises, commercial and warehouse premises, small and medium-sized businesses, private houses, apartments and much more.
With the help of video surveillance, it is possible to prevent and commit the crime committed without special difficulty, to obtain irrefutable evidence, to catch and punish the criminal. In addition, CCTV cameras exert psychological pressure on criminals and simply scare them away.
Installation of video surveillance at large sites will allow both to simplify and monitor the work of the security service. It is no secret that for the frequent, in the theft of various kinds of values ​​from large objects, the security officers themselves are involved. Also, surveillance cameras at large sites will reduce the number of security personnel, and therefore reduce costs, and raise the security of the facility to a higher level.

Controlling the activities of personnel and production processes.
The installation of video surveillance will simplify the work of the company’s management, provide an opportunity to monitor the work process of its employees, ensure compliance with discipline and contribute to the quality of work performed, and the use of video surveillance to monitor and automate production processes will enable operators and managers to remotely monitor the entire process of complex production lines. Video surveillance capabilities allow you to prevent emergencies in time, and yet, if they occur, they help to understand the causes and find the culprits of what happened. In addition, the use of video surveillance will avoid the cost of hiring additional workers.

Prevent fraud, theft of cash and goods.
As a rule, the facts of theft of a part of the company’s profit are carried out by the employees of the company themselves or by prior agreement with them. Video surveillance will help to avoid such facts, especially at such small and medium-sized businesses as beauty salons, parking lots, car washes, public transport, trade organizations and similar companies, whose profits are directly related to the number of customers. Video recording of a video surveillance system will easily allow counting customers and calculating profits.

Control of cash flow.
Also, surveillance cameras will allow you to monitor the movement of funds in cash registers, shops, exchange offices and various places where the transfer of cash occurs. Video surveillance provides the ability to monitor the work of the cashier, prevent fraud and resolve controversial issues. Installing a surveillance camera at the checkout will avoid scandals associated with improper delivery of cash to customers.

Video surveillance in the education system.
Video surveillance systems allow to understand the illegal actions of both teachers and students. The use of video surveillance systems helps to resolve conflicts regarding claims against teachers and intimidation of children. Surveillance cameras are installed to identify disobedient students and non-professional teachers. The installation of video surveillance has a positive effect on the discipline of students, improves the results of examinations, increases the level of knowledge.
Video surveillance ensures the safety of schoolchildren and students, as well as helps prevent juvenile delinquency.

Video surveillance also solves a great many other tasks in the process of doing business and social activity of a person. Every day, CCTV cameras are entering our lives more and more, providing public order and comfort, and the possibility of using video surveillance is truly unlimited.

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