Safe and Smart City

Public Order. Technology. Security. Sustainability. Economics. Globalization. These are just some of the challenges faced by municipalities, affecting aspects of city life such as public safety, economics, housing, culture, social and environmental conditions.

Juggling all these elements requires a ‘safe’ and ‘smart’ solution that combines aspects of communications, command & control, sensors, biometrics, IT connectivity, cybersecurity and more, to help keep all the balls in the air.


Our Safe & Smart City solution brings a fresh and holistic approach to this evolving field. Leveraging municipal communications infrastructure, a wide range of sensors and data feeds, as well as a top-of the-line command & control platform, it supports a range of applications that connect all major stakeholders in the municipality.

Such smart connectivity improves public safety and quality of life, while also upgrading public services and giving the economy a boost. However, while the ‘Smart’ feature improves municipal efficiency and reduces costs, its increasing reliance on IT makes the city vulnerable to cyberattacks. That is why we have built into our solution an advanced cybersecurity center, which tracks cyberattacks and neutralizes them immediately.

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