IP access

Carrier grade small cell radio solutions.

Small Cells
The platform combines several ip.access products and technologies into a platform which dramatically simplifies small cell deployments – making deploying enhanced cellular coverage directly equivalent to enterprise Wi-Fi and removing the ‘deployment burden’ from MNOs entirely.

The platform can be deployed with many of ip.access’ proven enterprise and SoHo small cell access points (APs).

ip.access’ award-winning SON (self organising network) and network listen capabilities literally make AP installation easier than installing Wi-Fi. Requiring only ethernet and power connections, small cells can be installed by service partners or by end-users directly – without the need for MNOs to fully manage the deployment. Fully secured IP backhaul connects the APs to the gateway, with no on-site gateways needed.

Support 2G, 3G, LTE and TD-LTE air interfaces in a variety of worldwide frequency bands, including the new 3.5 GHz Citizen’s Broadband. Capacities range from cost-optimised SoHo APs serving 8 simultaneous users, to flexible multi-band enterprise APs supporting up to 128 active 4G users.

Vertical Applications
Beyond MNOs there is a range of industries that require dedicated specialised cellular networks. Whether due to the remoteness of location or higher security requirements, these markets need easy to deploy and manage small cell networks tailored to specific use cases.

The versatility of ip.access small cell solutions makes them the ideal technology to use across all means of transportation be it aviation, maritime, rail and automotive. The small cells backhaul over satellite and provide the end users with a 5 bar cellular coverage at all times.


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