World's standard for iot security

Our security solution built specifically to protect against the new and growing vulnerabilities of the IOT universe. Utilizing proprietary technology and advanced algorithms, the our solution does what no one has succeeded in doing so far, simplify and unify the complex and inefficient IOT security process.

One solution. All devices. All operators. All threats.

Full management and control

  • Creation and management of closed networking environments.
  • Shorten time to market with immediate updates.
  • Full flexibility to restrict network access based on numerous policy types combinations for each device (Time/Usage/Bitrates/Device/Location/Access Types).

Fully agnostic

  • Sim agnostic.
  • Simple process with operator.
  • Automatically protects all devices.
  • No need to change manufacturing lines or integrate into hardware.

Plug and play development

One solution to protect the entire network

  • All devices (cellular devices, sensors, cars, etc.).
  • All device stages (in manufacturing, in roll-out, in market).
  • All cellular operators.
  • All chip manufacturers.

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