Video analytics

Currently, video surveillance directly affects the life and safety of people, so it is simply impossible to underestimate its importance. This industry incorporates all the latest achievements of science and technology. One of the most important directions of video surveillance development is the intellectual analysis of the observed scene.

What is scene analysis? This definition is based on the video image of some characteristics of the observed objects and their interaction. For example, it can be the recognition of car numbers, the definition of the speed of moving objects, their classification by type (man, animal, vehicle) and much more.

It is easy to imagine why this is necessary in practice. Video surveillance systems, in which intellectual functions are realized, make it possible to more effectively solve the tasks posed – with less labor costs and at a higher quality level. Fatigue, the inability of a person to long-term concentration begin to affect after half an hour of work with several cameras, which leads to a sharp drop in the effectiveness of observation. At the same time, intelligent video surveillance systems provide a stable and high quality result. And the solution of some tasks with the help of operators is generally very difficult to imagine – such tasks include, for example, recognizing the numbers of moving cars on public roads in real time.

It should be noted that almost all modern digital video surveillance systems have at least the simplest means of video image analysis – for example, motion detection. However, this is not enough to solve a lot of current tasks. Therefore, a large number of research and programmer teams are engaged in the development of video mining intelligence.

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